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For more than 35 years, SUN TRACKER® has built pontoon boats carefully featured for fun, safety, durability, comfort and convenience. Every year, we explore new and better methods with a disciplined focus on continuous quality improvement. Today, each new SUN TRACKER is crafted using Lean Sigma manufacturing methods—the same best practices used by the top aerospace, automobile, appliance and medical equipment manufacturers.

There's a reason and a process behind every advance we make, and skilled craftspeople bring it all together with impressive fit and finish. These are the best boats we've ever made, and arguably, the best the industry has to offer.

Because our construction methods and quality are second to none, we back them with the best warranty in the pontoon industry. Every 2014 and newer SUN TRACKER comes with a 10-year bow-to-stern warranty—supplemented with a limited lifetime warranty on deck and structural components—to assure your fun-filled days also come with the ultimate peace of mind.

DLX Pontoon Logs

Trust the flotation, balance, design and ride of our pontoon logs when you're on the water.

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Our standard pontoon logs are 24" in diameter (larger than many of our competitors' models) and warranted for the life of your boat. This size offers an optimal balance of high-riding flotation and efficient performance.


From the outset, SUN TRACKER logs have always featured an efficient no-keel design. The bulkheads separating each chamber are welded around the entire circumference of the tube, providing an air-tight seal and additional structural support, eliminating the need for an external keel that adds weight and drag.


Our cylinder-shaped logs offer maximum structural strength, compared to elliptical or U-shaped logs with inherently inferior structural geometry.


Air-filled, multichambered pontoons ensure failsafe flotation in the unlikely event of a puncture. For quality assurance and peace of mind, every log is pressure tested twice at the factory.

Compared to U-shaped foam-filled logs used by some manufacturers, our round, multichambered logs are lighter and ride higher in the water, resulting in reduced drag and better fuel efficiency. During long-term ownership, an air-filled log is easy to weld and repair, while internal foam can become waterlogged and further damaged if attempts are made to make a weld repair.

XP3 Pontoon Logs

To feed your need for speed, SUN TRACKER offers multiple performance pontoon boats.

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SUN TRACKER XP3 performance models feature three 26"-diameter pontoon logs with a total of four performance lifting strakes—two on the middle log and one on the inboard side of each exterior log—for enhanced all-around performance with better stability and control. In addition, to withstand the forces encountered at higher speeds, XP3 pontoon logs are made from thicker .100 gauge aluminum alloy.


The XP3 package allows for larger Mercury engine options, including the best-in-performance FourStroke models. For the PARTY BARGE®, FISHIN' BARGE® and SportFish™ 22 XP3, you can choose a motor with up to 200 horsepower. And for the PARTY BARGE and FISHIN' BARGE 24 XP3, motors range up to the 250 horsepower.

Motor options
115 ELPT FourStroke
115 ELPT FourStroke Command Thrust
115 ELPT Pro XS FourStroke Command Thrust
150 L FourStroke
200 L FourStroke
Motor options
115 ELPT Pro XS FourStroke Command Thrust
150 L FourStroke
200 L FourStroke
225 L FourStroke
250 L FourStroke

Pontoon Deck

Our well thought-out, stable and durable deck structure keeps you safe and sound as you soak up the sun.

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Unlike boats with conventional hulls, the deck of a pontoon boat is integral to the overall structure of the boat. More than 35 years of experience has resulted in a robust design that assures the strength and integrity of the deck and its substructure for a lifetime of worry-free family fun.


Heavy-duty M-shaped brackets are securely welded to the top of each pontoon. On 20-foot and longer models, the exterior surface is one continuous piece, providing an added level of support along the full length of the boat. Interior M-bracket segments are staggered, permitting access to cables, plumbing and wiring. Working as a system, these M-brackets function like the foundation of a house, providing a solid base for the extruded Z-bar cross members bolted to them.


Thanks to the inherent box-beam design and closed structure of the SUN TRACKER Z-bars (compared to the open C-bars used by many others), the structure is stronger with no exposed fasteners below deck.


Z-bar cross members, which support the deck, extend the full width of the boat, acting like floor joists in a house. These cross members are bolted to the M-brackets at each end, using a total of four bolts to provide secure attachment and reduced flexing. Using computer-aided engineering, the Z-bars are variably spaced below the deck to provide maximum support where needed. Where flooring panels meet, they are securely fastened to the Z-bar and silicone sealed at the joint to prevent water intrusion.

Top-grade materials and components result in a line of pontoon boats ready for years of family fun and memories.


As previously mentioned, the deck of a pontoon boat is integral to the overall structure of the boat. Our experience building top-quality boats has culminated in a robust design that assures the strength and integrity of the deck and substructure. For example, SUN TRACKER uses MORE THAN DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF DECK FASTENERS in comparison to the thru-bolts used by some competitors.


To reduce the stress while winching your SUN TRACKER onto a trailer, the bow eyes are connected to three Z-bar cross members. Many competitors attach their bow eyes to only one or two.


Our ¾"-thick seven-ply, pressure-treated deck is warranted for the life of your boat—ensuring peace of mind as you embark on years of family adventures and trouble-free ownership.


The SUN TRACKER deck is secured to the Z-bars using coated TEK-brand deck fasteners that friction-weld to the Z-bars as they're tightened. The reliability of this method has been proven over many years and millions of hours on the water. In its history of use on our pontoon boats, the TEK fastening system has no reported failures or
warranty claims.

Rails & Gates

Our attention to detail extends to the components of the deck enclosure as well.

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Our system includes sturdy 1 ¼" anodized aluminum rails and stanchions. The entire system is securely bolted through the floor and anchored to the structural Z-bars below.

Plus, every SUN TRACKER is built with a fencing design that includes mounting the fence panels on the inside of the railings. This, combined with sound and vibration-deadening insulation strips, results in more durability and a quieter ride.


SUN TRACKER boats feature gates that open inward and must be lifted first to help prevent accidental opening.

Both the rail and gate systems are covered by our warranty for the life of your boat.


Rail spacers raise the railing above the floor covering to promote positive drainage and ventilation and help prevent mold and mildew.

Interior Fit & Finish

Outfitted with satisfying features, the interior fit and finish of the boat gives you outstanding convenience and comfort.

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Every couch and lounge offers spacious below-seat storage areas—some of which are lockable.

In addition, 20' and longer models feature our exclusive Stow More™ seat storage system, which includes seat-back storage in certain couches. These compartments add 50% more storage in those couches, and they're accessible while sitting!


We design and craft our own furniture at a facility within our manufacturing complex. Each piece of upholstery is built, custom sewn and carefully tailored by skilled craftspeople with years of experience. Using marine-grade vinyl and thread and a moisture barrier over the foam, our furniture is well protected from water intrusion to provide you years of use and enjoyment.


Every SUN TRACKER couch is extremely comfortable because multiple-density foams are ergonomically placed to provide optimal support and comfort on seating areas, as well as in lumbar supports and headrests, where applicable.


All SUN TRACKER models come standard with heavy-duty flooring throughout. In addition to being incredibly durable, this flooring provides a slip-resistant surface and is easy to clean.

Electric & Plumbing Systems

Water is everywhere—a fact SUN TRACKER takes into consideration, whether water is being used or guarded against.

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On fishing models, we route the livewell plumbing system through the M-brackets to protect it.


Throughout the boat, wiring harnesses are wrapped in abrasion-resistant conduit. Marine-grade, automotive-quality main harness connectors ensure reliable, water-resistant connections.

Factory Rigging

All SUN TRACKER models are factory rigged to Mercury specifications by Mercury-trained technicians.

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When your SUN TRACKER pontoon leaves the plant, it is completely rigged and made ready to go by Mercury-trained technicians. Factory rigging ensures you'll experience superb reliability, maximum performance and great peace of mind through years of service.


Optional trailers are available for SUN TRACKER owners. Each features bow boarding steps, an outboard motor support and Super Lube hubs. Our trailers are custom crafted in our own facility from heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing with our GALVASHIELD® Impact corrosion protection, which includes a baked-on powder-coat finish. The result is a rugged, durable trailer with exceptional corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and lasting good looks.

Assuring Every Day is PERFECT

Every new SUN TRACKER comes STANDARD with our exclusive 10-year bow-to-stern warranty, the best in the pontoon industry.

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  • 10-Year Bow-to-Stern Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Structural & Deck Warranty
  • Provisions for Transfer to Second Owner
  • 1-Stop Factory Warranty Resolution
  • Full Coverage Throughout Warranty Period—No Pro-Rating
SUN TRACKER® construction and quality are second to none. And our factory warranty coverage is simply the best available—offering a level of assurance pontoon boat buyers can't get from anyone else.
  • 10-Year Bow-to-Stern Warranty – Factory-installed materials and workmanship are covered for 10 years from the date of purchase, including electrical components, livewells and plumbing, vinyl, furniture, Bimini top and more. Your engine is covered by the Mercury manufacturer's warranty.
  • Limited Lifetime Structural & Deck Warranty – This provides coverage for pontoon logs, the motor pod, other structural elements—such as deck supports, perimeter fence rails and gates—and more for the life of the boat.
  • Provisions for Transfer to Second Owner – The resale value of your boat can be enhanced by provisions to transfer warranty elements to a second owner. Your SUN TRACKER dealer can help you put applicable elements into effect when you're ready.
  • 1-Stop Warranty Resolution – 10+LIFE coverage offers a one-stop solution, eliminating the need to pursue separate warranties with component manufacturers.
  • Full Coverage During Warranty Period – There is no pro-rating or reducing your coverage over time. The peace of mind you enjoy at the outset carries throughout your coverage period.
10+LIFE applies to all 2014 and newer SUN TRACKER models, even those purchased before the introduction of the 10+LIFE warranty. See your dealer if this applies to you!

In addition, we back our optional custom trailers by warranting the GALVASHIELD® Impact steel tubing against structural failure due to corrosion for three years!

Complete warranty details are contained in the document links below.

Warranty Information PDF Files: