High Performance, Multichambered Pontoon Logs
The NV performance logs mean SUN TRACKER® pontoons aren't just the best looking, but also the best performing pontoons around.

These special logs use a performance-engineered strake system on the inside and outside curvature of the log to substantially increase performance, handling and fuel economy. You can see up to a 41% increase in performance, depending on engine choice and passenger load! On a 22-foot boat with a 90HP engine, you can reach a top speed of more than 30 mph! And with a 135 HP engine on a 26-foot boat, you can even pull a slalom skier with 8 passengers onboard!

The NV performance logs are standard on Regency Edition outboard models 22 to 26-feet long and optional on 21-foot Signature Series models.

Our pontoon logs are also the safest, most durable and best-looking in the industry. Every Regency pontoon is made of .100 high quality, marine-grade aluminum and features multiple chambers separated by bulkheads. This means that if one chamber is ever punctured, the rest of the log will remain afloat.

In addition, the logs are oversized (24" on Signature Series models and 26" on Regency Edition models) for an even smoother, more stable and more fuel-efficient ride.

Each "NV" boat simply has the best of all worlds, the perfect blend of durability, safety and increased performance. Add these to the dramatic styling, and it's easy to see why SUN TRACKER is the world's number one selling pontoon boat.

“I have been in the boating industry for 40 years and have driven almost every kind of boat made. I drove a new SUN TRACKER® FISHIN' BARGE® 21 with NV logs and got the surprise of my life. The boat's performance exceeded all of my expectations. I have never seen a pontoon that ran with the speed and agility of a runabout or deck boat, but with a 90HP outboard engine. The FB 21 is the most impressive pontoon I have ever driven. Ever!”
Jim Stokley
Founder of Stokley's Marine
Nicholasville, KY

“I was shocked at the performance of the tubes. The boat really came out of the water, and I was able to trim out the boat, something I didn't think was possible with a pontoon boat. Instead of plowing through the water with the full tube, my boat was on top of the water, feeling like a V-hull boat crossing the wake. Also, I was shocked that I could trim the motor, and the bow would lift and lower, maximizing the speed of the boat, something I've never seen on a pontoon boat.”
Tim Galvin
Proud owner of a 2008 PARTY BARGE 22