SUN TRACKER XP3 Package Tritoons Get Up & Go

Slow down. Sit back and relax. Stop and smell the roses. You’ve heard it all before. Often enough that advice rings true, and SUN TRACKER® DLX pontoons definitely cater to those who want to slow down, relax and relish life’s little moments. But, honestly, slow just isn’t always going to cut it. Sometimes you want to open the throttle and kick life into high gear. Race across the water to feel the rush of wind. Hear the growl of a high horsepower engine as it shoots your boat onto plane. Watch as the trees along the shore blur past. And just leave the world in your wake.

The answer for those moments is found on the SUN TRACKER XP3 Performance Package Tritoons. First introduced to the industry in the 2009 model year, the XP3 performance package is available in six model configurations. Regardless which model you choose, each adds the features you need to experience faster fun on the water.

XP3 pontoon
XP3 pontoon

Performance Pontoon Logs

Starting at the water, the XP3 performance logs are key to high-speed capabilities. SUN TRACKER XP3 models come equipped with three 26" logs, as opposed to two 24" logs found on standard models. The tritoon design provides more lift to the boat. In addition to enhancing the boat’s on-plane capabilities, these three larger logs also help support the additional weight added to the boat by the bigger, higher-horsepower engine each boat is rated for. The logs are all built with a .100 5052 marine alloy, a thicker, stronger metal that will stand up to the stress put on the pontoon logs at high speeds.

In addition to the enhanced size and material, XP3 pontoon logs feature a total of four lifting strakes—one on the inboard side of each outer log and two on the center log. These strakes function the same way as strakes on a fiberglass sport boat—they lift the boat’s bow out of the water when underway. As with all boats, the less of the hull (or in this case, the pontoons) in the water, the less resistance and the faster a boat can potentially go. The strakes also help with turning while cruising by biting into the water when negotiating sharper turns.

XP3 pontoon

Deck Underpinning

If you look between the pontoon logs underneath an XP3 model, you’ll quickly notice metal sheeting that covers the full-width Z-bars. This is called deck underpinning, also known as under skinning. When you’re cruising, water will splash up to the Z-bars, causing resistance and slowing the boat. The underpinning negates that by creating a smooth surface and significantly less resistance.

XP3 pontoon

Hydraulic Steering

The faster you’re going, the more responsive you’ll need the steering to be for maximum performance and safety. That’s why SUN TRACKER XP3 models come standard with hydraulic steering. You’ll find this type of steering to be much easier to control when you’re cruising down the lake at full speed.

XP3 pontoon

Higher Horsepower Engines

With those added components, you can also put a larger engine on your boat. The FISHIN’ BARGE®, SPORTFISH™ and PARTY BARGE® 22 XP3 models will accept up to a 150 horsepower outboard.

As with all SUN TRACKER models, a Mercury® engine comes standard, and there’s no better match. Mercury outboard engines provide industry-leading power, torque and reliability for maximum performance.

The Results?

The SUN TRACKER XP3 performance models are essentially family rooms on the water that excel at adding watersports like tubing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding or skiing to the mix. Are you ready to take your family’s boating to the next level? Explore the XP3 lineup below.

XP3 pontoon

Fishing XP3 Models

w/ Mercury® FourStroke 150 L FourStroke
Total Price
Length 7.98 m 26' 2''
Max. Person Capacity 12 persons

Recreational XP3 Models

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